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[22 Jul 2006|09:58am]

I'm looking at the calendar, and it says "Quarter 2 Ends" on Dec. 8. But then it says "15th Week Begins" on the 11th. My question is, when is the last day of school before we get to go home for break? THANKS!
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[01 Jul 2006|09:17pm]

Im kait. I was just wondering, what should I bring and how should I prepare for ESU ? What are some nifty dorm ideas that I can do ? Thanks for any advice ! =]
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[14 Apr 2006|04:16pm]

[ mood | bored ]

So I'm new and will be a Freshman in the fall. I got my info for orientation, housing, all that good stuff. My question is, what residence hall should I request? I've no idea if you really get what you ask for, but if you do, by chance, I want to make the right decision. I'm thinking Linden or Laurel. Suggestions?

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[25 Mar 2006|12:53am]

Does anyone know when I might get a letter saying I was rejected or accepted? I thought I'd know by now. I sent in all my stuff by probably December.
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transfer [13 Mar 2006|12:50am]

Hey everyone,
I'm currently a freshman at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia and I'm looking to transfer into your school. I was just wondering if you could tell me about the campus, people, town/city, and the education program..I'm looking into becoming an Elementary teacher or the nursing program if you have one. Anywho, any info would really help me out. I live at home since I only live like 10 minutes away from campus, so how are the dorms too?

Thanks everyone!!
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[08 Dec 2005|03:25pm]

Anyone doing the phonathon - phone caller thing? I am...
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[30 Nov 2005|09:00pm]

[ mood | tired ]

so why hasn't anyone updated in a while?? we need to spice things up in here. any ideas??

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the rec center might be getting DDR installed! [25 Oct 2005|03:44pm]

"[T]he facility [is considering] installing a cardio-arcading section, which would add video-game exercise bicycles and Dance Dance Revolution machines to their array of workout equipment"

"Surveys will be conducted during the first full week of November, which will end with a Late Night social featuring DDR - as well as laser tag and a dodgeball tournament - on November 12" (quoted from 'The Stroud Courier', page A3)

Anyone that plays, or wants to learn how to play, the greatest game ever created, be there!
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Application [27 Jul 2005|11:20pm]

Does anyone know if East Stroudsburg University's application is out yet for this fall?
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excited...:) [21 Jun 2005|06:21pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

orientation june 30th- july 1st....any suggestions??

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[24 May 2005|09:35am]

[ mood | groggy ]

Hey all,

I just graduated from ESU this May (finally!!!!) and I must say I feel sorry for all the incoming freshman. The freshman class gets bigger every year but still no new parking :( I don't think ESU is what it was when I started and that was just 5 years ago. Unfortunately, admin. folks are more concerned about making $$$ off the new students and less on the current students so look for classes to be cancelled if class sizes aren't big enough. Of course, that all depends on your major as well.

Don't mean to depress anyone, but just wanted to say I'm glad I finished when I did, but only for those reasons. Otherwise my experience at ESU was great. I loved (most of) my profs, classes were never suicidally hard, and there is bound to be *some* group on campus for you to hang out with if you're so inclined.

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[02 May 2005|01:48am]

I'm applying to ESU this fall. I was wondering what you all think about the school, location, etc. If any of you major in Hotel/Tourism Mangagement that would be helpful too since I'm applying for that. Thanks!
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[08 Apr 2005|03:31am]
ESU is *finally* on the facebook!!!
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[03 Apr 2005|03:02am]

i'm sorry, but for those of you who don't post in my thread telling me exactly who you are will not be added as a friend. i have to know you for that.

and yes, i've grown a certain hatred for a certain person. i don't believe this person is any of you... but this person is out there. hallucinating whatever mindless hallucinations this person might come across in life.

anyways, on a good note..

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[30 Mar 2005|07:53am]

scott mckenna blows.
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[25 Mar 2005|04:27pm]

update on some arts stuffsss!!!

1. april 21, my piano recital in FA recital hall. i don't mean to put this one first, but it's the first thing on my mind right now. 7:30 pm

2. check out the art gallery. it currently rocks. student stuff owns. my friend has a still life, sarah rems, in the gallery, back corner. it rawks

3. scott mckenna will UNFORTUNEATELY be coming back to ESU this wednesday, but one cool thing is that we can all return those crappy shits he calls cd's

4. april 27th, wednesday, RAWK time in the common grounds with Luciar w00t

take it sleazy

[23 Mar 2005|08:35am]

why do so many people hate dr. miller (music)

if anybody's had him, let's talk about this... i really can't figure it out. he's my favorite music professor

[19 Mar 2005|01:05pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone happen to know what the difference between Zoo Science and Zoology would be? ;;>_> And which do you think would allow you to work in a Zoo? o_O

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hmm.. [16 Mar 2005|11:00am]

[ mood | cold ]

hey guys, hope everything is going well.

my parents have been bitching at me about what computer i will be needing and they want to know what most people brought or what was/is easiest. i mean i know its not that big of a deal. i just wanted to ask to see what you guys think. any comments would be greatly appriciated.

i will be at esu on saturday for that accepted students tour thingy. should be interesting i guess.

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[13 Mar 2005|06:29pm]

I don't want to go back to school tomorrow :(
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[06 Mar 2005|12:37pm]

[ mood | happy ]

i am currently thinking of attending esu. do any of you have any advice to a transfer student? =) thank you.

btw, i went to eastburg in the fall, i miss it a lot. sure is pretty there.

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[03 Mar 2005|02:07pm]


hmm... [01 Mar 2005|03:50pm]

[ mood | sick ]

hey, its me again. i was just wodnering what you guys do for fun up there? any good places to go?? any close movie places? just curious as to what goes on there. thank you for any comments.

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[25 Feb 2005|09:39am]

anybody else have a shitty rooming situation? my roomate smells like crusty fucking cheese. he takes a shower once a month, never washes his clothes, and sleeps in the clothes he's prepared to wear the next day. all he fucking does ALL DAY LONG is sit in the room and play warcraft. waste.of.life.

btw, if anybody knows him... he's commonly referred to as 1) baret boy, 2) fucktard baret boy, or if you don't know him from that, he might be infecting an english class near you, and he's the president of anime club... reason i stopped going...

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[24 Feb 2005|09:35pm]

how's everybody's midterms looking????
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new here! [10 Feb 2005|10:47pm]

[ mood | content ]

hey my name is kim. i am 99% sure that i am going to esu in the fall. i live in jersey now. the user information said it was for future people too. so i thought i would join and post. and maybe get a couple new friends from somewhere that will be a whole new experience for me. i just wanted your thoughts or anything about being a freshmen coming into esu and the people there. thank you :)

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[03 Feb 2005|09:19pm]


check that out... especially if you're bored

[03 Feb 2005|07:26pm]

Update on music events.


free concert

FEB 25:
8PM: ABELLOFF - Broadway Remembered "musical review"

FEB 26:
2PM: ABELOFF - Broadway Remembered "musical review"

6PM: RECITAL HALL - Voice REcital part 1

April 13: wednesday
7:30PM: recital hall - voice recital part 2

April 17: sunday
7pm - recital hall: jazz ensemble concert w/ rick chamberlain

april 20: wednesday
7:30pm - recital hall: orchestra concert

april 21: thursday
7:30pm - recital hall: piano recital (i'm in this... beethoven pathetique mvt. 3)

that's all for now

[31 Jan 2005|10:50pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Amagad, I dun wanna go to the Fine Arts building tomorrow mornin'. Someone shoot me now, please? >_< 9am classes suck. Then again so do 8am classes. But I have to walk my butt up there from the University Apartments to that dumb building. Bleh! *Burrows into her purdy comfy blue jacket* =/

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[31 Jan 2005|10:29pm]

anybody like ddr? we play in my room every so often. i got a red-ocatane pad

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